Tools And Traps Scary Teacher 3D


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A stealth game produced by Z & K Games, Scary Instructor 3D lets you exact some much-needed vengeance on your mean teacher Miss T.
You decide to retaliate against her by sneaking into her house and playing pranks on her.
You will, of course, have to keep her out of the way while you carry out your antics.

Only Miss T’s house is unlocked from the beginning in Scary Teacher 3D, which has up to 10 locales to play in as of this writing.
If you view enough advertising, you can gain access to three of these destinations; however, the remaining six locations must be purchased with in-app purchases.
Consequently, we shall solely cover Miss T’s home in our guide
Regardless, you should be able to learn about your character’s abilities through our tutorial.

If you’re not careful, some of your pranks might backfire on you since they’re not as simple to pull off as they first appear to be.
It is our goal that the tips given will help you overcome these pranks.
Scary Teacher 3D’s twists and traps are laid bare in the following paragraphs! 

Tools And Traps Scary Teacher 3D

Photo of a Shiba Inu

In any location, you can only carry up to four items on your person while travelling through the map. Some of these items are required to pull off the pranks, while others, such as color-coordinated keys and crowbars, are used primarily to get past locked doors or windows. Miss T’s position is displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen, though the movement of the camera can make it hard to determine her exact location. You have the option of disabling this camera for an added challenge.

Aside from tools, you can find Stars that can be exchanged for hints regarding your current objective, and you can watch an ad to get a free star each play-through. Completing a prank rewards coins which can be used to purchase tools during a play-through, in case you have a hard time getting a necessary item.
In the event that Miss T spots you, she will give chase, with the music changing to signal this. Despite her age, she can follow you through windows provided they are not too high off the ground. Should she catch you, you can either take the loss or watch an ad to get another shot, with Miss T being moved to a far-off point in the map while you remain where you are. Luckily, you can jump over obstacles as a means of outmaneuvering your teacher, and your rewards suffer no penalty for being spotted.

Scary Teacher 3D also has an energy system that limits how many times you can play before letting your energy recharge; this also doubles as your health. You take “damage” by falling from high drops or walking onto bear traps that are placed underneath windows or in front of doors. You can disable these traps by picking them up, though your teacher will not set them off even if you place them somewhere else. Be careful when disposing them as they can damage you if they land too closely.

Prank 1 Scary Teacher 3D

Photo of a Shiba Inu

Under order to learn how to utilize Scary Teacher 3D, this prank requires concealing a mousetrap in Miss T’s coffee table.
You should be able to go through this prank with easily if you follow the instructions.
After setting the mousetrap, you will need to disguise it by placing a nearby magazine on top of it, which is placed in a closet near the front entrance.
It’s not tough to pull off this trick. 

Prank 2 Scary Teacher 3D

Photo of a Shiba Inu

Your second prank is to destroy Miss T’s breakfast cereal and now you are alone.
The game includes equipment that can help you, from energy refills to stun traps for Miss T.
To use a gadget, choose it and watch an ad. Then tap a button to the left of your inventory to use it.
In her far-off kitchen, Miss T takes her morning meal.
Go through the yard to avoid being seen from the windows.

Once in the backyard, search for the backdoor that goes straight to the kitchen.
If you’re brave enough, you may enter via the windows by climbing onto the basement door to the right of the house and strolling through the bushes.
In the kitchen, you may add various condiments to “flavor” Miss T’s cereal.
Using ketchup or spicy sauce will cause apparent red spots and fail the trick.
Instead, use the salt shaker on the kitchen table.
You may also use the unidentified white bottle on a kitchen counter.
Miss T will return to the kitchen if you poison her food, so get out quickly. 

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