Who’s your daddy

Who’s your daddy is an exciting arcade game in which the player can play the role of two characters, namely a child and his father. In the first case, the user must control the child and try to find as many dangerous places as possible to pamper the father, such as opening a closet or sticking fingers into an electrical outlet. In the second case, you should monitor the actions of the child and protect him from danger, for example, by attaching locks to cabinet doors and attaching covers to sockets. Any successful action by either side brings points, and the main task is to hold out in any role for as long as possible. 

Daddy advice

Photo of a Shiba Inu
  • If you complete chores like putting all the toys away or put the clothes away in the drawer up stairs (the bedroom) or put the battery in the air detector, near the roof of the kitchen, and/or try to wash the baby in the bathtub with soap, not running too much water to drown the baby, you should be able to have different cool abilities that could assist you.
  • If you run out of fruit or medicine, go to the fridge and cook up some raw chicken, steak, or salmon on the stove or microwave, and give it to the baby to make him healthy again.
  • Take away any hazardous objects like knives, forks, hammers, and specially move the glass cups away from the baby to break.
  • You can use outlet covers, from any drawer around the house, to cover the outlets for the baby to not electric himself.
  • There is a hidden lock, in one of the draws around the house, that can be used to lock any door and any cabin so the baby doesn’t get to the bad stuff, might be useful to lock a baby in a room or cabinet, but make sure that the baby is healthy before you do that.

Photo of a Shiba Inu

Baby advice

Photo of a Shiba Inu
  • You could eat foam balls from the Nerf gun, the soap in the bathroom, batteries, if you knock down the garbage can, you can eat the trash inside, and glass shards!
  • The hammer is really useful to break glass like glass cups in the kitchen, the glass table in the living room and the HUGE GLASS in the bedroom!
  • Try falling from a very high level
  • Drown yourself in the sink or bathtub or even the toilet!
  • If you find the hidden baby key again, you can use it for locked doors or cabinets that the dad locked, and no it’s not used for the hidden latch, but it will be used soon, for any further updates.

I hope some of the Daddy advice to baby proof the house and some baby advice to kill yourself was useful for you Rik and Jas, can’t wait to see your next video of “who’s your daddy?”


Photo of a Shiba Inu

The game contains a competitive multiplayer option in which one player controls the father and the other player controls the baby, which can be played either online or locally.
In all modes, the father must avert the infant’s death by locking cupboards and placing deadly goods out of reach, as the baby attempts suicide in various ways, such as drinking bleach and poking forks in electrical outlets.
The game is set in a two-story house with multiple common areas.
Every round, the players frequently switch roles. 

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