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Mechanics that aren’t discussed in the blocks will be covered in this guide.
Please let me know if there are any flaws or inaccuracies in this guide and I will rectify them.

F, for example, may be used to activate a certain action by placing the cursor on the ragdoll’s hand and pressing F.A gun or knife may be held in the hands of a ragdoll by spawning one and hitting the spacebar or whatever other key you’ve assigned to pause.
Unpause time by dragging the weapon close to the ragdoll’s hand.
You may right-click on the weapon to disable collision or reduce weight if it’s too heavy or interfering with the ragdoll’s movement.
The ragdoll can only shoot other ragdolls with the help of modifications.
The weapon must be manually activated.
Once activated, the ragdoll’s weapon will be dropped.
If you prefer, you may just kill the ragdoll

Photo of a Shiba Inu

Syringes of People Playground

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Syringes are under one of the toolbar’s tabs.
They use a wide range of effects described in their description.

If you want to use a syringe, do this.

Syringes work continuously as long as they are inserted into the ragdoll.
The life syringe keeps the ragdoll alive, virtually making it immortal.

Using blood vessel cables, transfer syringe liquid into a blood tank.

Syringes can also explode if sufficiently damaged.
I shot it in this case.
The syringe’s impact is applied as a gas cloud that affects all ragdolls within radius. 

Wires, Cables, Springs, etc

Photo of a Shiba Inu

Wires, cables, springs, and other similar materials

The wire may be selected by clicking on it in the right toolbar on the computer screen.
Using this device, you may transmit electricity between an electric item such as a generator and any other thing in the same way.
Electrical current can flow through objects even if they aren’t considered to be “conductive.”

A device that can transfer electricity to another device is known as an electric object.
It should be noted that, in the majority of cases, electricity does not cause activation.
Copper cables are less difficult to demolish than conventional copper lines.
When compared to wires, ropes have the same qualities as wires while also being destructible; nevertheless, ropes do not conduct electricity.

By holding your cursor over the wire, you may notice that there is also an option for “Blood vessel wire.”
Using this wire, blood is transferred from a ragdoll to a container that is empty, such as a blood tank or flask.
It is also utilized in the activation of the Heart Monitoring System.

Androids and Gorse are also compatible with the blood wire.

Heat pipe and rigid cable are two types of heat transfer.

The stiff cable joins two things that are in close proximity to one another.

This fixes their relative positions to one another, but not their rotations in relation to one another.
It is possible that the wires will not be able to achieve this under severe situations.

You may also pin items directly to the backdrop of the screen.
Pins of any kind, including normal and wooden ones, are destructible.

Link Between Phases

This pin enables two objects of any type, including ragdolls, to interact with one another without colliding with one other.
To use the phase link, click and hold on an object for a few seconds.
Then move it to another location.
As shown below, a blue line should appear to indicate the connection location.

Once the pins have been applied, the pins should look as usual on the two objects, and they should no longer be able to collide with one another.

It’s important to remember that while pinning ragdolls, you only need to place the pin to one portion of the body, not the entire thing.
The entire body will be allowed to pass past the other object that has been picked.
The phase connection may only be deleted if the item to which it is attached is destroyed as well. 

Saving builds & Clearing objects

Photo of a Shiba Inu

Slow motion mode may be activated by using the “g” key.

A tab labeled “environment” may be found on the left-hand toolbar.
You can adjust the gravity, the ambient temperature, and the weather/light conditions while you’re there.

Electrifying certain items has the effect of “supercharging” them.
Items such as a decimator, laser pointer, thruster and thruster bed as well as flashlights and floodlights are examples of items that are impacted by electricity.

The steam workshop is a place where you may get maps, builds, and mods.
Simple, just subscribe to whatever it is that you want in your game.

You may influence the water in the sea map by altering the temperature of the surrounding environment.
Extremely low temperatures will cause the water to freeze, while extremely high temperatures will cause it to boil. Photo of a Shiba Inu

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