Land Rover IIA Series and Porsche 964 from Everrati, road tested

The Everrati cleverly reversed the 964’s torque map, so instead of getting that Ludicrous Tesla’s interstellar acceleration, it delivers a familiar velocity advance, so it’s close to its original dynamic character, but still hits 60 mph in less than four seconds. Power is 500 hp, which is 20 kg lighter than the original car thanks to the carbon fiber body panels. The weight ratio is a bang in the traditional 40:60 front/rear recipe, but the center of gravity is lower according to all electric vehicles. The back end is more planted than usual, which will reassure your policy provider, but still knows how to party. We drove it in monsoon conditions and it was lively but kept in check. It has an electronically adaptive suspension with different engines selected via a touch screen. Most Banzai is known as the “Tim Harvey setup”, due to the 1992 British Touring Car champ doing the test jobs.

The approach here is a far cry from Singer, who also re-engineered 964s, but does so to make them look and feel more retro, while ensuring Fabergé levels of detailed detail and design flair. Singer, which rebuilds and upgrades its air-cooled flat canopy, is looking for rear-wheel-drive, manual-wheel drive and hardtop donor cars. Everrati is looking for less expensive Tiptronic C2 and C4 cars, and will take a convertible or Targa. “We swim in different pools,” says Nick Williams, chief operating officer. “We’ll be working with lesser-known cars, not cool cars.”

All Everratis are of low volume. The Landie is expected to be a bestseller with up to three cars per month. The company does not release sales figures, but we understand that it has sold about nine cars across all models so far in the UK, Europe and the USA. They are embarking on a Series A fundraising round, after investing friends and family, to strengthen their financial position, and will soon announce new facilities and a manufacturing workshop in the USA in order to expand the business and reduce its carbon footprint. The company will also consider re-engineering low-value classics.

We’re told that one of Everrati’s clients is a sustainable tech billionaire in his mid-30s who lives in Silicon Valley. His father owned a Porsche 964 when he was growing up, but the son felt he could never be seen to own a sports car himself due to his green credentials…until now.

Tesla has outfitted its cars with some fun tricks, but they all look the same. Other manufacturers are seriously serious. The danger is that the new car market starts to look like a fridge freezer sale – all white goods are identical, no fun. Everrati proves that electric cars still have a laugh.

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