The 9 sexiest cars ever…from the back

Did you know that many car designers started drawing a car from the back? While the front of the car is distinctive and recognizable, the back is the part that people spend most of their time looking at and judging. The rear of the car is a big part of the aerodynamics and performance, as well as its perception. This is where the flashing lights and brake lights do their job. It’s an opportunity to become a vehicle as distinctive as the solid brake light strip that has become associated with US Dodge Charger police cars.

By a similar standard, Audi and Ford played signal effects, both with only very positive feedback due to the moving lights like the RS5 or Mustang GT. The rear of the car really is a great opportunity to add different sides and features to set it apart from some super boring sedans. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as getting away from your car, I need to turn around and look at the back of it and impress it. If you own one of these ten supercars You will fall 100% in love with him every time you look back!

9 Audi R8

Audi R8 rear side 2020 Nardo Gray Fall leaves desktop wallpaper iPhone wallpaper

The Audi R8 hasn’t gotten any major facelift since it came out in the early 2000s, and while it’s unfortunately discontinued, it manages to maintain a fit and attractive rear side throughout. The dusk years have been particularly impressive. The taillights are clean and neat and the honeycomb air vents are fully functional. The diffuser is large but also partly convincing and the whole thing is well balanced.

Audi R8 rear side 2020 Nardo Gray Fall leaves desktop wallpaper bluish blue iPhone wallpaper

If you were driving behind this thing, you would definitely know it was an Audi, but there would be no doubt in your mind that it was a very fast car, and the fastest Audi. The wing is different in color and there are vortex generators coming down the edges of the rear window which is subtle and unnoticeable but great if you know where to look. Non-novices might mistake the car for its fast co-op counterpart, the Audi TT, unless, of course, they see it from behind.

8 Lamborghini Aventador

SVJ Lamborghini Adventador Yellow Rear Steering Wheel Drive

The Lamborghini Aventador is a fairly modern car even though it is no longer in production. People have not always liked the transformer-like design of the body, but the performance of the car was great and it certainly developed the following, and every follower agrees that the back of this car is completely free and impressive!

Lamborghini adventador gray wallpaper wallpaper

First of all, there is no suite (usually). You might start a fight saying that’s better than having a winger, but Lamborghini’s goals were very clear: a clean, refined look with a certain focus and ferocity around that. You could say it was a fighter jet in a big way. The lines are sharp and intentional, the taillights are clear without being unsightly, and the exhaust pipes cluster together in a trapezoid shape which adds to the hexagon look very nicely.

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7 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Blue Rear Back Rear View Angle Light Tail Camera Blinker Light Signal Bar Wing Full Spoiler

For 2022, Porsche has redesigned the 911 GT3 and it’s very impressive. While Porsche has always been slow to tweak the design of its cars a lot, 2022 takes a bigger step in most Porsche generations in progress…and in our opinion, it’s working! Unlike the Kia Stingers’ full-length tail light, the Porsche full-length taillight won’t be confused with a Dodge Charger anytime soon. It’s slim and clean yet highly visible which creates a great center point for a panoramic view of the back of the vehicle.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Blue Rear Rear View Angle Side Tail Camera Blinker Light Bar Signal Wing Full Spoiler Night

The clean diffusers and other aerodynamic lines aren’t as obvious or exaggerated as some kind of Lamborghini Veneno. Everything we love about Porsche is still there with one major addition…the wing has undergone a major upgrade. The wing pillars now extend to the top of the wing to create extensions that generate the vortex. While this is mostly about aerodynamics, it’s also a landmark in the 2022 design that sets owners apart and truly sells the entire car.

6 Ford GT

Ford GT rear view 2018 black background wallpaper screensaver hd picture

If you’ve ever stared at a modern Ford GT for more than a minute, you’ll notice that the cockpit looks detached from the fenders and body that extends the wheel like some kind of F1 car. This is best indicated by looking from the back, where you can see that it creates a futuristic appearance of the aircraft with large holes to guide the air pockets. The back appears to spread out in the tires so wide that it is capable of moving at 216 mph with the help of its active aerodynamic wing that folds flat with the body when not in use.

ford gt rear rear vieaw spoiler wing earo racing track wallpaper desktop wallpaper iphone screensaver wallpaper hd 1080p

The circular taillights suggest a Ferrari LaFerrari that some would say, but the two-point lights actually extend further and are shared with other Italian cars, reminiscent of vintage racing cars. The entire rear of the Ford GT is incredibly simple and impressive, yet it’s very clear that it’s a car capable of superlative performance. While it is unique, it would be very difficult to find someone who would say it is ugly.

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5 Bugatti Chiron

Buggati Chirion back hd wallpaper desktop wallpaper hd 1080p custom blue order

You’re probably familiar with all the fun stats for the Bugatti Chiron, with most of them getting around 1,500 horsepower from a W-16 engine, some more than that. Many are thrilled by its Bugatti Veyron facelift, the side vents that blend in with the body panel that runs from the roof to the bottom of the car. Not many take the opportunity to stop and enjoy the back, we’re giving you that opportunity now.

Buggati Chirion back hd wallpaper background screenaver for desktop hd 1080p dial blue custom super sport 300 plus orange

While looking at it, let’s just point out the fact that it has a well-concealed ventilation system that appears to be the focus, like a massive hole in the entire rear end. From there, things seem to stand out like the active aerodynamic wing that closes flat with the body and the single-line tail light with dimmed signal lights on either side. The very readable Chiron logo can be seen from quite a distance, and the four exhaust tips between different Chiron sport frequently vary in trapezoidal tips that are supposed to sound better, and we think so!

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4 Hennessy Venom F5

Hennessy Venom F5 Roadster Blue Wallpaper

The entire Hennessey Venom range appears to be a mixture of hard edges and smooth lines that clearly define where the air should flow and which part of the vehicle serves its purpose. In a way, this American-made supercar managed to outpace the Bugatti (in some books), as it had a better wing with clean, thin, and very simple lines. Their combination makes them look sharp, curly, and ready to be sliced ​​with precision through the wind!

Yellow Hennessy Venom F5 Roadster Wallpaper

The diffuser has a mid-section that is the same color as the car to maintain some consistency while on both sides there is a large, more functional diffuser creating a balanced look. The ductwork is coming out from the back and you probably wouldn’t have noticed it even if we didn’t tell you, because it’s mixed with black but when you get to the sides near the wheel wells you might be able to see it getting a little darker, a hole that leads into the engine as well as the rear tires to help cool the brakes . The overall character is very similar to the Ford GT and has become a brand of America’s fastest cars: fast and technical but by no means too complicated.

3 McLaren B1

McLaren P1 Black Racing

Somewhat after the era of roundness, the McLaren P1 came in the middle of an era when cars looked more impressive with fighter-plane geometric lines, yet it broke that dogma wide open by sticking to its classic, circular look. We say classic, but what we really mean is that the entire vehicle is recognizable and timeless. If you can’t already tell we’re totally absorbed in the active aerodynamics, then the massive spoiler that folds flat with the wild curves of the rear of the McLaren is incredibly impressive.

mclaren p1 yellow track racing rear rear

Exhaust tips are concealed in a trapezoidal tip mounted in the center of the entire rear side leaving room for tools at the bottom and sides. The rear air vents are jacketed as they expand to meet the wheel wells, and everything is a step in the right direction from its sluggish-looking predecessor, the center-seat McLaren F1.

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2 Pagani Huayra Roadster

2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster 017-2160
Source: wsupercars

The focus of your attention is immediately on the four exhaust tips arranged in a square shape at the rear of the car, the focal point of the rest of what is essentially the Mona Lisa panel on the rear of the car. The view from the back can only be described as a futuristic carbon fiber billboard. The fact that each Pagani Huayra Roadster is built differently means that it’s not exactly the same look twice. One thing is for sure, it looks a lot better without any license plate.

Pagani Huayra Roadster Side Rear Rear Side

Winged or not, the back of the car looks cool and timeless. The three-dot LED taillights on either side might leave a little room for debate but the functional openings and massive diffuser detract from that and the way the space is carved with beautiful curved lines at the top and sharp functional openings below makes it look like a true work of art.

1 Rimac refrigerator

Rimac refrigerator
Via Rimac

The Czech Republic wasn’t necessarily known for much of anything, so when the electric car company, Rimac, came along and immediately began to dominate the automotive world, it came as a surprise to everyone. Prodigy who founded Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac, had a great deal of influence in how the final design turned out, and it was impressive at first glance. The lines are bold, simple and understated with functionality that comes first and then perfectly designed to hide any ugliness it may have once had.

Rimac Nevera 2020 is the fastest electric car in the Czech Republic

A closer look shows that the entire thing is made of exposed woven carbon fibre, and if you look at the tail light you’ll see that they are juvenile vents that create the illusion of a deep black look even in broad daylight. The active aerodynamic wing feels like something you should have on a futuristic plane, not a car, and the diffuser that runs all the way through the rear also incorporates active aerodynamics that feels good in both top speed and standing. If you’ve ever spotted this thing from a mile away, you’d already have an idea that it might be possible to hit 258 miles per hour which of course it does.

Doug Dimore Rimac Refrigerator
Doug DeMuro is reviewing the $2.5 million Rimac never supercar

The supercar looks ready to change the automotive world. Here are all the features and quirks that define Doug DeMuro.

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