The BMW iX1 is seen up close and personal wearing camouflage

The upcoming electric BMW iX1 is set to be an important vehicle for the brand. It will not only be a new electric vehicle to add to the brand’s portfolio, but also its most affordable electric vehicle, in one of its most popular segments. For BMW enthusiasts with families, the X1 is indeed an excellent option, but converting the X1 into an EV is even more interesting. If this piques your interest, check out these new iX1 spy photos, and see heavy camouflage wear in public. (We do not own the spy photos but you can see them here)

As the name implies, the BMW iX1 will be based on the standard X1 crossover, which is powered by internal combustion. This means it won’t get a custom electric architecture, like the BMW iX, but will instead use a modified version of BMW’s new front-wheel drive architecture. It’ll also share the same body as the X1, making it handsome and very roomy on the inside.

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Speaking of the interior, this is where customers are convinced to buy a BMW iX1. BMW has done a great job with the current X1, carving out interior space, passengers and cargo. It’s a much more spacious car than it looks from the outside. Expect the BMW iX1 to be no different. Although it is unlikely that there would be any more interior space on its combustion sibling, although there is less mechanical actuation equipment, since the chassis is the same.

In terms of power and performance, we don’t have any information on what will power the BMW iX1. BMW’s new eDrive electric powertrains can be used in front or rear drive applications, so it is possible that the iX1 will get the same powertrain as the BMW i4 eDrive40. This seems a little overpowered for the iX1, although even the entry-level i4 makes 335 horsepower. We’ll likely see a less powerful version of the new fifth-generation eDrive powertrain for the iX1 and other future electric vehicles. The same applies to range, as the i4 eDrive40 has 282 miles, although it’s unknown if the i4 battery pack will fit.

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Not surprisingly, the BMW iX1 looks so good, even in camouflage. The next generation BMW X1 proves it looks surprisingly good, with the spy photos we’ve seen. It’s a nice sporty crossover that looks better than most BMW SUVs at the moment. The iX1 will look the same, just with a few blue badges.

When the BMW iX1 debuts, it will be an important vehicle for BMW. The iX1 will allow Bavarians to offer an EV in the entry-level premium crossover class, one of the world’s hottest segments of cars at the moment, for a price that should undermine all of its other electric vehicles. Price, power and range all make or break a BMW iX1, but it’s probably a big seller for Bavarians.

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