Gogoro battery swap stations soon outnumber gas stations in this country

Electric scooter manufacturer Gogoro is well known for its GoStations battery replacement network that covers a wide range of its home country of Taiwan. The system has become so popular that it will soon outnumber the number of gas stations in the island nation.

Gogoro’s battery exchange stations look like a bright white and green vending machine.

Users of Gogoro batteries (which includes scooters from many different brands thanks to their partnerships), simply go to a station and replace their depleted battery with a freshly charged unit. The subscription service makes it a quick and easy process that only takes a few seconds.

At the end of 2021, Gogoro counted a total of 2,215 GoStation stations nationwide, according to Taipei Times. The number of gas stations stood slightly higher at 2,487.

At Gogoro’s current rate of expansion, 2022 could very well be the year in which the number of GoStations outnumbers the number of gas stations.

While this may just be an interesting fact of Taiwan, it paints an important picture of what’s to come in most of Asia and the rest of the world.

Gogoro has expanded significantly into major two-wheeled countries in the past year, with motorcycles and scooters making up the majority of vehicles on the road in many cities.

Replacing those noisy, polluting gas-powered vehicles with silent, emission-free electric motorcycles and scooters would have a huge impact on these cities, and it can be measured in both decibel and particulate levels.

Last April, Gogoro announced that it was entering the Indian market and partnering with Hero Motorcorp, the world’s largest motorcycle builder.

Gogoro followed up shortly thereafter with another announcement of its entry into the Chinese market thanks to a new three-way partnership with two wheelers Yadea and DCJ.

Barely another month passed before Gogoro announced another partnership, this time with mega-manufacturer Foxconn to produce its own electric scooters and interchangeable batteries.

The rapid expansion continued as Gogoro then announced a partnership with Gojek in November that will see the expansion into the large Indonesian market.

Even as Gogoro expands across the Asian continent, its position in the local Taiwanese market is getting stronger.

According to a Gogoro representative, 28% of all two-wheeled vehicles sold in Taipei last month were Gogoro-powered, and December marked Gogoro’s biggest sales month ever.

The news comes as Gogoro prepares to go public on the Nasdaq via the SPAC deal which will see it listed under the GGR ticker.

When the deal was announced last year, the deal was expected to be completed sometime this quarter.

Take Electric

Gogoro is only one company out of dozens that publishes scooters and electric scooters worldwide.

But Gogoro’s innovative approach to GoStations and the company’s rapid expansion have made it into a league of its own.

Seriously, just look at a graph of domestic e-scooter sales compared to competitors.

Now with many companies jumping aboard the Gogoro train and putting their famous green and black batteries in their scooters, Gogoro has become something of a de-facto standard in interchangeable batteries for light electric vehicles. Gogoro isn’t the only interchangeable battery toy in town, but it’s the biggest ever. And the actual standard may be exactly what is needed to further accelerate the adoption of interchangeable battery technology for light electric vehicles.

I only wish we’d see some light electric cars with half a dozen Gogoro batteries in the back. Now that would make my day!

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